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Partners in Aquaculture

Partners in Aquaculture

Supporting aquaculture research of marine ornamental fish species for public displays and aquarium hobbyists.

Ruby Reef has a diverse and multicultural team with business partnerships that span the globe. We strive to foster an acceptance of diversity and inclusion within our company and amongst our external relationships. We are committed to supporting organizations that share this philosophy and focus on saving our reefs, aquaculture, and the hobby.

We also strive to build relationships with suppliers whose Social Responsibility goals and activities are aligned with our expectations, implement and/or expand environmentally sustainable management and business practices, and develop and enhance products and services that provide social and environmental options for our customers and prospects.

We support the following organizations with products and funding for their work:

National Aquariums

Discovery Place
The Georgia Aquarium
The Smithsonian Marine Station in Florida

Research and Development

Scientists associated with Johns Hopkins University
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
The National Aquarium in Baltimore

Livestock companies

Sun Pet in Atlanta
Exotic Reef Imports
All Seas Marine (Los Angeles area)
All Seas Fisheries (Miami)
Nordic Reef in Denmark  

Maintenance Companies

Keith Aquascaping NYC
Reef Keepers Aquarium in North Carolina
Aquatics Unlimited in Wisconsin



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