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Ruby Reef Blogs

Ruby Reef Blogs

Ruby Reef products can save your fish!

A true consumer testimonial.

I’m an advanced reef keeper with 40 years of experience with marine pathogens and I am pretty handy with a microscope. I cross contaminated my 300 gallon FOWLER+ set up with a nori clip from a quarantine tank holding new marine angelfish 2 1/2 years ago introducing an apparently immortal species of capsalid monogean (egg laying, dimorphic fluke), suspected from China sea. While I am able to keep the fluke population densities below lethal levels via a 55 watt UV, any weakening of the output (aged bulb, fogged quartz sleeve) results in a spike in densities. As there are no external symptoms prior to rapid respiration and loss of appetite which leads to death in only 2 or 3 days, immediate intervention is required while the UV sterilization gets back up to speed. The Ruby Reef Hydroplex bath is far superior to both freshwater only dips and formalin / malachite green baths.

I have found Ruby Reef Rally and Kick-Ick provide immediate relief to the less critical fish as evidenced by increased color, appetite and activity. I suspect that kick ick and Rally are effective against some of the early life cycle stages of the parasite, which are very similar to ciliated parasites and possibly the young adult and juvenile stages. I have seen that praziquantel is effective against young adult flukes. I suspect that the adult flukes are pretty much impervious to all but organophosphates, so cleaner gobies, shrimp and wrasses can help with them.

I have found Rally, Kick-Ick and Hydroplex to be at least as effective as more traditional treatments and far more gentle on the fish. I’ve seen no detrimental impact on my limited inverts (shrimp, snails, anemones).

Cost for treatment regimen is higher than some at about $1 / gallon. So, there goes another $300 for me.

PS: no question my female black percula clown would not be alive today if I had not immediately put her into a 12 minute Hydroplex bath and treated tank with Rally / Kick-Ick. She was barely swimming and respiring at 200 bpm. Was back to eating in 2 days and doing very well at day 4.

Thanks for saving my fish.

John S.


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